Allergies in Children

Allergies are common in adults and children , and fortunately, there are many good treatments that can help you control allergy symptoms. Although, people commonly try over the counter medications, their frequent use must be avoided as they can be sedating and make you sleepy. Allergies in children are often confused with upper respiratory infections in children with chronic nasal congestion or lower respiratory infections in children with chronic cough. Unfortunately, before pediatric allergies are diagnosed /treated , the children are subject to multiple courses of medications and antibiotics which further compromise their growing immune system.

Pediatric allergies and asthma are a very important target group for treatment as their better response to allergy vaccine to cure their allergies.

At Dr Mehta's Hospitals Allergy and Asthma clinic, in keeping with the tradition of providing the best adult and pediatric care in Chennai, we also provide the best treatment for bothadult & pediatric allergies and asthma. Areas of expertise include

    • Allergic rhinitis
    • Allergic Conjunctivitis
    • Allergic Sinusitis
    • Allergic and Irritant induced asthma
    • Exercise induced asthma
    • Drug Allergy
    • Food Allergy
    • Anaphylaxis management and prevention
    • Atopic Dermatitis
    • Urticaria
    • Angioedema
    • Insect sting sensitivity

We believe in a multi disciplinary approach to clinical care and management . The hospital is equipped with different specialties and sub specialties which enhance our ability to provide the full spectrum of care .

Finding your allergies can be done by skin prick testing or blood allergy tests and can be done even in infants.

Our mission is to provide the most up to date investigation and treatment for allergy problems thereby improve the QOL (quality of life) for our patients.