Lingyao Chen

chenlingyao@gmail.com | 801-809-4583 | Salt Lake City, UT

Lab website: http://www.ece.utah.edu/lchen

Technical Skills

- Programming Languages: C | C++ | Matlab | LabVIEW | Assembly | Verilog HDL

- Software: COMSOL Multiphysics | Agilent ADS | CST Microwave Studio | Cadence Virtuoso | SPICE | Altium Designer | Libero SoC | Microsemi SoftConsole | Quartus II | Linux

- Hardware: MEMS Device Design | MEMS Device Characterization | Microfabrication | Analog Integrated Circuit Design | Analog Integrated Circuit Layout | Power Amplifier Design | Microwave Device Design | Microwave Device Characterization | LabVIEW DAQ Interface Developing | Embedded System Design | FPGA Programming | PCB Design and Layout


Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering

      GPA: 3.9/4.0

University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

Supervisor: USTAR Professor Dr. Massood Tabib-Azar


Defended in 05/2013

B.S., Electrical Engineering

GPA: 93/100

Southeast University, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China


Work Experience

Research Assistant

08/2010 – present

Advanced Metrology and Nano-Device Applications (AMANDA) Lab, University of Utah

Research Experience

- Wireless Microsystem for Brain Interfacing

Designed and implemented a MEMS-based wireless microsystem for brain interfacing, integrating neural amplifier, neural signal modulated transmitter, high-efficiency RF coil link, MEMS filter, neural signal recovering circuits and computer DAQ interface.

- MEMS TiW Fixed-fixed Bridge Resonators Characterization

Characterized resonance of novel MEMS TiW fixed-fixed bridges on glass substrate. Dependence of quality factor on surface conditions was studied with ALD Al2O3 layer deposition (~nm thickness). Tunneling current across 100s nm gap based on the device was studied.

- MEMS DC-to-RF Converters

Designed and in the process of realizing novel MEMS relaxation oscillator based DC-to-RF converters, biased only with dc current, with very low power and very small device footprint.

- A Fully Differential Transconductance Amplifier Design

Designed and simulated a fully differential transconductance integrated amplifier with Cadence Virtuoso, achieving gain of 29,400, unity gain frequency of 20.34 MHz, phase margin of 53 degree and power consumption of 311 uW.

- Class-A Power Amplifier Design

Designed and laid out a cascode differential class-A power amplifier based on IBM 0.18μm CMOS process with Cadence Virtuoso, which outputs 250 mW of power into 50 ohm load at 5 GHz, with Vdd of 1.8 V, verified by load-pull simulation.

- Football Player Health Monitoring and Positioning System

Designed and implemented a complete portable wireless health monitoring and positioning system for football players, integrating health sensors, 900 MHz XBee transceivers, PCB board design and layout for portable system on helmet, and novel helmet and base station antennas, with LabVIEW user interface.

- Smart Pill Bottle System

Developed a patient-aiding smart pill bottle system with audio recording and playback (IDS1620B), and pill number monitoring (capacitance sensing with AD7151), based on ATmega328 MCU.

- High-Precision Cell Phone Power Meter

Developed a high-precision cell phone power meter based on TI MSP430G2553, which displays power data in a computer interface through UART in real time and stores the data into SD card in FAT32 mode for later access.

- ECG Signal Noise Cancellation with Least-Mean-Square (LMS) Adaptive Filters

Realized an algorithm for effective ECG uncorrelated noise cancellation based on LMS adaptive method. Developed a microwave transceiver based wireless heart rate monitoring system to experimentally collect ECG data.

- Wireless Text Message Communication System for Disaster Relief in Salt Lake County

Designed a wireless text message communication system for post-disaster applications, without relying on electrical power grid and existing communication infrastructure. The design included complete system architecture, link budget, multiple access, and costs analysis.

- Quartz Resonator Based Gas Mass Spectrometry

Studied mass spectrometry gas sensing method with tuning fork quartz crystal resonator. Dependence of resonance frequency and quality factors of the resonator with gas molecular mass was studied.

- Silicon Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Transmission Characteristics

Studied programmable SAW delay line in silicon and other semiconductor materials regarding acoustic wave amplitude and speed, with both COMSOL simulation and experiments.


- Physics of Nano-Electronic Devices (Grade: A)

Learned about basic quantum mechanics and semiconductor device physics of BJT and MOSFET.

- Integrated Circuit Microfabrication (Grade: A)

Learned about theoretical knowledge of standard microfabrication techniques. Fabricated micro MOSFET devices in the clean room going through complete processes.

- Nanoelectromechanical Systems (Grade: A)

Learned about various NEMS/MEMS actuators/sensors (electrical, optical, magnetic, biological, etc.) and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.

- Biomedical Micro Devices (Grade: A)

MEMS and microfluidics technology for interaction with macromolecules, cells and tissues, in biology and medicine applications. Designed a laser-assisted macromolecule dissociation approach considering laser heat dissipation as class project.

- Microwave Engineering I (Grade: A)

Learned about microwave circuits analysis and design techniques. Used ADS software for design and simulation of microwave waveguides, resonators and filters.

- Electrical Interface to MEMS (Grade: A)

Learned about working principles and design of MEMS sensors (resonators, accelerometers, gyroscopes, etc.), peripheral circuits, sigma-delta ADC, and noise analysis for sensor data processing.

- Analog IC Design (Grade: A)

Learned about analog amplifier circuit analysis, design and noise consideration, with SPICE simulation and Cadence layout. Designed and simulated a fully differential transconductance amplifier with Cadence as class project.

- Microwave Engineering II (Grade: A)

RF and microwave power amplifier design, with Cadence simulation and layout. Designed Class-A linear power amplifier and Class-D switching power amplifier based on IBM 0.18 µm process with matching network and layout, using Cadence.

- Digital Signal Process (Grade: A)

Learned digital signal processing techniques, design of FIR and IIR digital filters, FFT algorithm, and z-transform.

- Adaptive Filters (Grade: A-)

Realization and analysis of various adaptive filtering methods for signal processing, such as system identification, line enhancement and noise elimination. Implemented a Matlab based experimental ECG signal noise cancellation algorithm as class project.

- Wireless Communication (Grade: A)

Learned about cellular communication system, link budget and various modulation techniques. Designed a wireless text message communication system for disaster relief as class project.

- Metamaterials and Advanced Antenna Theory (Grade: A)

Learned about CST RF frequency simulation and design of metamaterial for cloaking, iPhone antennas and antenna arrays.

- Embedded System Design (Grade: B+)

Modern embedded system design, focusing on computer architecture beyond the CPU, hardware/software interface, and sensing. Acquired hands-on experiences of ARM Cortex-M3 and Microsemi FPGA system design. Realized a portable cell phone power monitor based on TI MSP430G2553 microcontroller, with real-time power data UART display and SD card storage, as class project.


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- English (Fluent)

- Chinese (Mother Tongue)