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Ke-Jung (Ken) Chen is an astrophysicist, who studies how our universe evolves. He is currently a EACOA Fellow at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Tokyo, Japan and was a International Astronomy Union (IAU) Gruber Fellow at UC Santa Cruz, California, USA. He received his PhD in Physics at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in 2013. His research interest in computational astrophysics focuses on modeling the supernovae explosions and their cosmological impact by using multidimensional hydrodynamics/radiation/cosmological simulations. These supernovae are from the death of massive stars triggered by core-collapse, magnetar, pair-instability, and general-relativity instability. To study physics behind these fascinating objects, he has been constantly collaborating with leading scientists such as Stan Woosley, Alex Heger, Volker Bromm, Ann Almgren, Weiqun Zheng, and others. Besides appearing in professional journals, his work was also visible in the public media such as DOE, NSF, Daily Mail, Forbes, Nature, Physics Today, The Atlantic, Time Magazine, and Wired UK.