Then the imagination of : 
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Appeared in my mind.


With this idea, I started to contact the authority of the National Opera House of China.

I wanted the building looked like:

but not:


I thought my design would be more compromised with the environmental of the roofs of ancient Chinese building. Beside the concave surface of a sphere could be a huge solar hot energy collector. It can reflect the sun beam and focus them to one spot. Currently, people can’t find such surface so the solar heat generator plant has to lay the mirrors on the ground. Not only waste land but not good for look.



Now, by this building we can achieve to make these tow things together (building and solar generator). It was lucky, if we could dig a pool for the National Opera House (like current) and made the building floating on it, then we could turn that whole building easily, to make it always towards the sun, like sunflower.

But I get no answer. Finally, I understand that the administration only worship those already famous or already big company. They never care about what you design. So as an ordinary person like me I had no right to participate the design.

I waited few years; there was the Olympic game in 2008. This time, the authority showed an open attitude. In their bulletin it said this building had to show the culture of China and the environmental concept. I try to contact the authority again. I hope it would be look like:


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 It turned out that they play the same game again; didn’t allow infamous person participated, even though in the final design neither any trace of Chinese culture nor the environmental concept could be found. I could do nothing but published my plan in a magazine in 2003.
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