Fellowship Baptist Church is a family of believers committed to helping each other mature spiritually and achieve the abundant life Jesus promised to His followers.  Equally, important is our effort to introduce Jesus to those who don't know Him personally - wherever they live.  

Our missional focus is to have such an intense, intimate relationship with God that love for God and love from God overflow into an outward focused mission mindset and lifestyle.

We are a member of the Southern Baptist Convention.  If you would like to learn more about their organization, please visit their site here.

Our Purpose:
     To bring God as much praise, glory and honor as possible

What We Do:
     1)  We lovingly reach out to the world around us, intersecting their lives with the good news of Jesus Christ in meaningful ways that they can understand
     2)  We develop quality, Christ-like servant leaders who change their world, thereby changing the world

Our Mission Slogan:
     We use all that we are
          to help all that we can
               become all that God wants them to be

Our Vision Statement:
     Developing Kindgom Leaders

Our Critical Core (values):
     Founded in God's Word
     Living centered in Jesus
     Building the body into Christ
     Loving our community toward Jesus