4. Uses of alcohol

1. Used as an ingredient in alcoholic beverages E.g. wine and beer 

2. Used to produce methylated spirit (meth)
Methylated spirit is ethanol mixed with small amounts of methanol, which is poisonous, making it unfit for consumption.
Methylated spirit is combustible so it can be used in lamps and stoves, especially those made for camping.
Methylated spirit is used to remove ink from non-porous surfaces. E.g. removing permanent ink from various kinds of surfaces, such as metals and plastics. 
Methylated spirit is used as a component of household cleaning products, usually glass cleaners.

3. Used as a fuel
Ethanol burns cleanly to form carbon dioxide and water. Using ethanol as fuel does not contribute much to pollution.
Ethanol is usually mixed with gasoline to produce 'gasohol", which is about 10-20% ethanol.
Using ethanol as a fuel reduces our reliance on natural fossil fuels such as petrol.

Ethanol as a fuel

4. Used as a solvent
Ethanol is commonly used as an organic solvent to dissolve organic compounds which are insoluble in water. E.g. used in cosmetics such as perfumes; used in medicines such as disinfectants; used in toiletries such as after-shave lotions
Advantages of ethanol as a solvent is that it is volatile, colourless and has a relatively high boiling point of 78°C. It is also miscible in both water and other organic solvents.