Chemistry Freeware

             Are you a chemistry student?  Do you need to draw chemical structures for lab reports or your research?  Look up solubility or vapor pressure information?  Calculate molecular geometries?  But you don’t have the money for a $500 license for ‘professional’ software?  

             This site contains brief descriptions of free chemistry software available on the web (see list on the left).  This is ‘free’ as in ‘free beer’- no charge to you.  Some of it is also ‘free’ as in ‘free speech’- open source programs in which you can view and modify the source code.  This software ranges from the highly professional to the somewhat amateurish, but we won’t recommend a program which does not serve a useful purpose.  (Although, for legal purposes, we need to point out that these programs are not guaranteed to be error-proof, and we can’t be responsible for any results you obtain with them.)    This site does not cover question-and-answer 'instructional' software, or programs for specialized research purposes. 




            Where does the software come from?  and why is it free?  Some of these programs are not-for-profit open-source projects, usually a labor of love by one or more programmers who are giving away their work.  Others are products of government grants or projects, now freely available to the public.  Still others are commercial software which the owners have decided to give away as part of their business plan (“If you like the free version, you’ll love the professional version…”)  

             And who are “we” running this site?  At the moment- one chemistry professor who would like to see more students equipped with useful, high quality software.  Chemists and other scientists with a similar interest are invited to contribute comments, software reviews and other suggestions by contacting me (  Eventually, I hope to see this site expand into a collaborative effort of contributors with a variety of backgrounds and expertise.   Another chemistry freeware site (with a wider variety of software) can be found on

Last updated July 18, 2011