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Welcome to Chemiman

We are widely acclaimed and well established trading house engaged in domestic trading as well as import and export of Chemicals, Bulk Drugs and Pharmaceutical intermediates.

Founded over 20 years ago, We have the experience
and resources you would expect from a leading chemical
supplier to provide you with the products you need, when you
need them and where you need them. Chemiman strictly adheres to time bound deliveries, competitive pricing, customer satisfaction and personal customer relations that have seen it stand in good stead with its customers.

In the ever-changing and challenging world of chemical distribution, Chemiman continues to exhibit the dynamism, integrity and drive to remain a principle player in its field. Our highly qualified Promoters know the tactics to market the products and capture markets. We are engaged in marketing value added services and are capable of providing a wide range of products.

Our History

Chemiman was Established in 1988 basically to trade in chemicals, bulk drugs, and pharmaceutical intermediates. Since the inception 20 years ago we have been very active in the product Potassium Permanganate.

 We started selling Potassium Permanganate manufactured by Curti Enterprises Ltd., Goa (A Salgaocar Group company) in 1991. In the year 1994  we started manufacturing the same on Job work basis at Goa in association with Super Electro Manganese Chemicals. In the year 1996 we were appointed as authorized dealers of Universal Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd. for selling Potassium Permanganate.

 As demand exceeded supply we started  importing Potassium Permanganate from China in 1997.  Alongside we also traded in various Bulk drugs and allied products.

We started manufacturing Potassium Permanganate under the name Libox Chem (India) Pvt. Ltd. at Goa since 2004 and have been successful in marketing the product in India as well as Europe. With the experience of marketing Bulk Drugs from M/s. Lanz Labs Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, since 1993 we are now once again coming in the market for same products viz. Terbutaline Sulfate, Tolnaftate, Loperamide etc. from allied manufacturers with international standards like IP/BP/EP/USP etc.