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At Chemicon Landscape Chemical Applications we specialize in spray maintenance-an essential treatment necessary for the growth and vitality of a landscape. As both a licensed and certified company, Chemicon offers various chemical applications*  for the improvement of your landscape.  Chemicon also incorporates the method of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which is the approach that focuses on preventing problems by way of proper growing techniques and by the implementing of physical and biological controls when necessary. Because whether it's your lawn, trees, or shrubs, each one of these can be susceptible to a viral infection or insect infestation at any time.

If any part of your landscape already appears to be suffering from either of these risks or you are considering such a maintenance service in order to minimize the risks and to help insure that your landscape flourishes or are perhaps even seeking the maintaining of weed proliferation don't hesitate to call Chemicon.

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*All chemical agents and fertilizers applied by Chemicon are EPA approved.