Project Summary

Water sources are becoming scarce and clean water scarcer and expensive. It is imperative look for other sources to meet the ever increasing requirement for clean water in a sustainable manner. With the advent of new water treatment technologies, water recycling is emerging as an economical source of producing clean water. Recycling of water can be simpler & easier if the pollution load in the used water is reduced at the source. There are many areas where, simple variations to the existing usage pattern/method can be implemented without losing the functionality or the end result. My project addresses one such daily activity, hand wash, and devices a method to reduce/eliminate the chemical based disinfectants used during the hand wash. Non usage of chemical disinfectant during hand wash significantly reduces the level of pollution in used water generated during hand wash.

I used ozone as a disinfectant in my study and studied various methods of dissolving ozone in water to make the resultant solution effective for hand wash. The effect of ozone dissolution in water is measured by oxidation-reduction potential value of the resultant solution.

Chemical Free Handwash Methodolgy


Project Summary
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