My Projects

Industrial, Undergraduate and Individual Projects


             As Chemical and Process Engineering student I was able to join with several projects. Some of them was large scale industrial projects. As example the odour abetment plant projects which is the largest I have ever been involvoed is 14 million (SLR) project consulted by three phd holders.

             Most of projects were team work so I was able to familer with more professionals such as managers, engineers, technicians ... etc.

List of projects (Industrial)


List of Projects (Undergraduate)

  • Coir Fiber Tile
  • Research about Composting using pilot plant
  • Research about Biogas making using agricultural waste
  • Develop Mathematical Model for industrial scale heat exchanger
  • Simulate a automatic flusher using mathematical model
  • Literature survey about Gem Industry of Sri Lanka (Ceylon)


List of Projects (Individual)


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