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Create a web site

 Million of people have their own web site in Internet thesedays. It is very easy to start a web site on your favorite topic.  Ex. Games, Education, Travelling, Jobs ... etc.  Select a topic which is very interesting for you. Then maintaining that site will not be boring. Do your job with ultimate passion. 

There are dedicated web hosters who give their servise at very low cost or at no cost. But when you select a free web hoster do not join with hosters who publish their ads on your site. Because you are going to publish google ads on your site. More ads will be a nuisance for your site's visitors.  So I recommend Google pages as ads free , free web hoster.

Some web hosters on WWW

  • Geocities
  • Google pages
  • BatCave
  • GoDaddy

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Join with Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a wonderful chance to earn revenue for web site owners. With advancement of eCommerce, now more people can easily earn revenue from Internet based buisness even while they are at home.

To earn revenue from your web site, click following image link of google adsense. Then you have to submit web site address, your full name, address ... etc.  With in 24 hours they will registor you to their programme. You will receive a email from Adsense Team. Follow given easy-to-follow steps.

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Step 3

Join with Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a Internet Advertising Programme which will increse visitors for your web site. As example imagine that you are publishing web site on Age of empire game series and you are also a member of Google Adwords. When people search Age of empire game on google search engine (More than 250 million people search WWW using google in one day) they will show your link with sponsored links. So people can easily visit your site and it will increse visitors for your site.

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