Sponsorship Opportunities

By finishing in third place in the southern regional competition we are one of 31 universities from the entire country (and Mexico and Canada) eligible to compete in Nationals which take place in October 2012. We are the only school from all Tennessee to qualify for nationals and we also finished ahead of Virginia Tech, Florida, and Georgia Tech! This year nationals will take place at Pittsburgh, PA and we need more sponsors in order to get there. 

By qualifying for nationals, we have to perfect our entry and at the same time start preparing for 2013 regionals. Taking into account car costs and travel expenses for nationals and next year's regional conference, we need to raise $14,000. An approximate budget can be found at the following link: Estimated Budget

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) is the largest chemical engineering society for students and professionals, and the national AIChE Meeting is the largest conference hosted by AIChE each year. As a result, any sponsorship of our car will result in large exposure to students, faculty, and practicing engineers alike.

Sponsorships of any size or donations of any type will be greatly appreciated as we continue to prepare for our first appearance at nationals. By sponsoring our project: 
  • We will display your company's logo on our team's t-shirts for both regionals and nationals

  • Sponsorships of more than $1000 will also be featured on the car's poster
  • Sponsorships of more than $2000 will be displayed on Scrappy and the Gas Master and next year's car design

If you are interested in sponsoring our project please contact Christa Mannarino (Christa-Mannarino@utc.edu or (423) 425-4728) who can assist you in 

funding our project. If you have specific questions about the project please feel free to contact any of our captains or faculty advisor. Contact information can be found at the following link: Contact Information

Thank you for considering our request!

UTC Chem E Car Team

Chem-E Car 2011 - 2012 Sponsors

Chem-E Car 2012 - 2013 Sponsors

Thanks for your support!!!