Chem E Car Competition

IChE National Chem-E Car Competition - 2012
Pittsburgh, PA

Courtesy of AIChE's Website (I think I saw Brooke's face in the first 10 seconds or so but that's about all of UTC; Just found this online while looking for something on AIChE's site, seemed like it belonged here)

I was going to add photos but I believe you have all of those...

AIChE Southern Regional Conference 2012

Pictures from the Chem E Car event -- taken by Daniel Shurina

Our car at AIChE Southern Regional Conference 2012 - We finished third overall and qualified for nationals

Southern Regionals 2011
Southern Regionals 2011 took place at Georgia Tech on April 1 - 3, 2011. The VOLTSwagen was entered into the competition and we finished in the top 10 and could have done much better had there not been a incline at the chem e car course...