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The Tank


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There was a huge tank on 1st Road It measured about 700 feet in length and 500 feet in width. The tank was full of clean water all through the year. The bunds on the south, west and north of the tank had many large trees, mostly tamarind. A portion of the Station Avenue runs parallel to the western edge of the tank while Road No. 1 runs along the eastern edge of the tank, which then had railing. The bungalows on this road had a magnificent view of the tank. Ganesh idols were immersed in the tank during the Ganesh festival. The 10-day Ganesh Festival was conducted at the open space in Vinayak Bhavan opposite the then post office. The local people with children actively participated in the festival. Those days the idols were made of clay.


White lotus plants came up in the tank during 1953-1960.The urchins would jump in the water to pluck the lotus and sell them in the Bhulingeshwar temple located to the west of the tank. After 1960, the tank was drying up rapidly and it finally dried in 1968-69.


Chembur Tank


Notice the hills of Ghatkopar in the distant background and the large trees behind the bungalows on the road.