About the Course: AP® CHEMISTRY

AP Chemistry is designed to be a first year college chemistry course often covering content appearing in undergraduate introduction/ inorganic chemistry courses.  Students should have successfully completed the core high school chemistry course and Algebra II.  An objective of the class is to prepare student to take the AP Chemistry test administered by the College Board each May. Students will examine the intersection among familiar chemical concepts in addition to exploring new chemical concepts. The course has a significant lab component in which students will utilize techniques from class, learn new lab techniques, analyze data, and design strategies to collect data. 

The College Board has designed the AP Chemistry curriculum around six Big Ideas and seven Science Practices that integrate throughout the course. The curriculum framework incorporates the design of these elements in addition to a strong inquiry wet-lab work focus.

Big Ideas Science Practices
1. Structure of Matter
2. Bonding and Intermolecular Forces
3. Chemical Reactions
4. Kinetics
5. Thermodynamics
6. Chemical Equilibrium 

1. Drawing, explaining, and interpreting representations
2. Using mathematics and logical routines appropriately
3. Asking and refining scientific questions
4. Designing and implementing data collection strategies
5. Analyzing and evaluating data
6. Making predictions and justifying claims with evidence
7. Connecting chemistry concepts across the big ideas.

Unit Content
Unit 7a: Equilibrium (Intro/Thermo)
Unit 7b: Equilibrium (Acid/Base)
Unit 8: Electrochemistry

U0 - Prior Knowledge 
U1 - Review & Stoichiometry
U2 - Aqueous Solutions
U3 - Gases
U4 - Atomic Structure & Bonding
U5 - Thermodynamics
U6 - Kinetics
U7a - Equilibrium
U7b - Acids & Bases
U8 - Electrochemistry
 L - Labs/Investigations

Class Plans
Students have access to a working document of a calendar for the course.  Each semester has its own tab (on the bottom). This is a working document, meaning that it frequently changes. Finalized assignment dates and due dates are ALWAYS posted on myUS as the official location. This document can:
  • Give an idea of what is to come in order to best manage time
  • Include more general, spread out homework/practice recommendations.
Class plans can be accessed from any unit page by selecting the icon on the top right of the page or accessed by clicking here.

Course Policies
Below is a selection of course policies for 2020 - 2021 academic year. Please find a complete and official version in the course syllabus which can be accessed here. 

All course policies are listed in on the class syllabus and are subject to change per the teacher's discretion. Highlights of some of the course policies are outlined above please see the syllabus for full details. 

View class syllabus here.

Required Text:

Chemistry, 10th Edition
Chang (author)

Other required course material includes the following: