Support For Each Unit

Chemistry is not an easy course. It will test your Math skills and your abstract thinking and problem solving abilities.

This website has loads of examples of sample problems related to the following items.

Each support page is listed in the "Support For Each Unit" link at the top of this page. Simply hover on the link and a drop down menu appears.

Click on the topic / Unit of your choice to view sample problems being solved in video format.

If you are new to viewing videos online, below are some tips on how to improve your viewing pleasure:.
  • To pause the video - click in the middle of the video as it is playing.

  • To rewind the video - move to the bottom of the video and you will see a "meter" sliding to the right. Drag the handle in the red meter to the left to rewind.

  • To change the clarity of the video - if the video appears blurry find the small number in the bottom right corner of the video ("360p") and click on it (this value only appears when you start viewing the video). Choose from one of the larger numbers in this menu (ie. "480p", or "720p") to improve clarity. Warning! If you choose "720p" it will take longer than the other sizes to download - the larger the "p" value, the more memory your computer needs to crunch in order to view it.