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As much as I love to write, I loathe writing my own bio. Not. Kidding. Those who know the non-cyber version of me know that I write better than I speak, and I drive better than I walk. How's that?


  I've been married for 12 years; my husband is my home. Also, I am the mother of twin toddling girls, and they bring the uber-chaos to our lives. They are the focus of much of my non-fiction writing, including my blog, Blissful Torture


My fiction writing is mostly ultra short stories, though I (and half the world's population) am working on my first novel. Details to come later...


If you are looking for content for your Christian publication or Ezine, I have articles and stories available for free reprints in my profile at Faithwriter's.  I would love to see them used for His glory.


So browse around, go peek at my blog, and soak up a few of my stories.  If you like (or hate) what you see, or want to otherwise inquire about my work, feel free to contact me at my overflowing inbox.


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~Michele Roach