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"I just used Chelsea's Pet Resort for a few days and am so grateful for them taking care of my 3 year old boxer. I received short notice that I had to travel out of town (lower 48) for an emergency and needed quick accommodation. They really came through for me at a crucial time.
Even though I know people who could've took my dog...I was still leery of turning him over to anybody because he does have medical issues and needs to be watched closely. Chelsea's Pet Resort was able to do this and also be lenient with me as I do not live in the Fairbanks area. The staff was so nice and the facilities were very professional and well-kept.
I don't usually travel that much because of concerns that my dog won't be properly taken care of. But the experience that I recently had with them has changed my mind and they certainly have my confidence now. There's no doubt in my mind that I can leave my dog with them and will return to him being both happy and healthy."

“Chelsea and Lynn are amazing ladies. Best place to board your dog's and have them groomed. Chelsea's has the cleanest facilties I've ever been in. Customer service is fantastic. I give them an A plus."

"While we soaked up Maui sun, Jezzie & Tika spent two weeks at Chelsea's Pet Resort. They thoroughly enjoyed their time there and returned home healthy and happy! So, we all like Chelsea's!! They take good care of our family pets!!"

"Chelsea's resort has been AMAZING so far! We got our Tinkerbelle groomed recently and boarded with the facility and she has been a happy girl I've heard so far! She is so beautiful from her grooming! I would 100% recommend to anyone!"

"Our girl Quinn loves Chelseas! She gets so excited when she gets there. It's too cute!
Our Hailey absolutely loves to be at Chelsea's Pet Resort. She starts whining as soon as we turn down Rainbow Drive ..... only downside is she doesn't even look back at me when she heads down the stairs to be with her friends. We have let her stay there numerous times and have always been pleased with her care."

"My Chessie has been coming here for over 4 years! We love it just as much as he does...and he has stayed overnight to 3 weeks at a time and they take great care of him when we leave him. The only place to bring your pets that you love and know they are taking care of them just as good as you do!"

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