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2019-02-16 Forum

February 2019 Forum Notes (use this link to access latest version)

Chelsea Community Forum - Saturday, February 16, 2019

  1. Administrative remarks

    1. Some adjustments to the schedule were discussed due to scheduling issues with speakers.  The current schedule is as follows

      1. March:  Mental Health

      2. April: no special topic (Easter Saturday)

      3. May: Transit

    2. We plan on allocating 20 minutes for special (i.e., invited topics).  This can be extended by consensus of the attendees. Remaining time will be filled with discussion of regular topics.

  2. Mackenzie Pfeiffer raised  a question of how Palmer Commons is being administered, in particular the costs involved and the application process.  

    1. The relevant web (http://city-chelsea.org/parks-recreation/forms) was found on the City’s web site after some effort.  Costs vary with day of the week as well as the organization seeking the reservation.  Times are allocated in blocks for 4 hours, and costs range from $100 to $500 per block.  The City Council may adjust these fees as appropriate.

    2. There was a lengthy discussion on the fee structure.  Scott Pacheco pointed out that lower fees are justified for non-profit users because of their status of economic drivers in the community.  For example the City has always allowed free use of the farmer’s market..

  3. Jan Carr raised issues with Traffic Light on Freer at the high school.

  1. Specifically, attempting to turn left into the old High School area may result in long delays unless forestalled by other traffic.  This may or may not be an issue for southbound traffic turning left into the High School

  2. Comments should be made to City of Chelsea

  3. Street map on the City website  http://city-chelsea.org/Portals/0/Website%20Content/Streets/2012%20CoC%20Street%20Map.pdf

  4. While on the subject for Freer, it was suggested included making all of Freer a 25mph from Old 12 to Dexter-Chelsea .

  5. Some attentional comments were made on the many issues with the Freer --  Dexter-Chelsea intersection.

  6. It was pointed out that a Road Safety Audit has been done for Freer/Dexter-Chelsea Road and is available at. http://city-chelsea.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=1krbjXUvK3I%3D&portalid=0

  7. The two Chelsea Councilmembers present (Jane Pacheco and Rick Catherman) were asked to comment on the recent Visioning Session  held by the Chelsea City Council

    1. some of the priorities identified as

a) Federal Screw Works

                            b) Freer Dex/Chelsea

c) Mental Health, in particular the use of revenues from the millage passed last year

                            d) Community Center

                            e) Housing Research and Economic Development

                            f) Sustainability Recommendations

                            g) Community Engagement - Human Rights Commission survey

                            h) new hire in progress - Community Development Director position

                            i) rebranding South Main (south of Old 12)

2) mentioned youth involvement - League of Women Voters youth group survey at high school

4.  In the course of a short discussion on the recent survey administered by the Chelsea Human Rights Commission, it was pointed out that many surveys were returned by individuals outside the City of Chelsea.  This being the case, should not the areas outside of Chelsea be represented on the Commission? As of now, the guiding Ordinance does not require residency. However, the Commission Bylaws do require such, but could be modified by Commission action approved by the City Council.