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2017-09-16 Forum Notes

Chelsea Community Forum – September 16, 2017

Chelsea District Library 



Palmer Lot 

• Project has been delayed, but seems to be on schedule for a construction start late September


November Ballot Initiatives - 

• County wide – Mental Health and Public Safety – new 1 mil (38% to mental health, 38% to public safety county sheriff – opiate epidemic, 24% returned to communities with police force) 
No dedicated language regarding how any of the money is spent 
Jane Pacheco will ask to have someone come to speak to this initiative in Oct
• County wide - Special Education Millage – This ballot initiative is a renewal (confusion 

b/c we voted in 2016 for an increase b/c it was thought to be too confusing

Rick Catherman will come with more information in October 
• CAFA – local area millage, current millage 1.8 mil expiring 2018, proposal for renewal for 2.4 mil on ballot for Nov 2018
Rick will also reach out to CAFA to come in October 

Dog Park 

• Should be open in September 2017
• Application and Rules/Policy was approved by City Council in August 2017 



Next Meeting – Saturday, October 7