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2017-06-10 Forum

Forum Notes

Jennifer Kundak was invited to speak as a representative of SRSLY. She read a proposed proclamation for local municipalities opposing the licensing of local medical marijuana dispensaries.

The three main topics of discussion were:
  1.  Development in the DDDA district. Ugly Dog distillery is apparently moving into the district and will include a tasking bar, which will presumably a liquor license.  A number of other possible developments in the downtown were also discussed.  It was mentioned that it would be helpful to have a representative of the DDA brief the forum on developments at some point.
  2. Township Communications (Rick Catherman)  It was pointed out that in spite of the numerous  modern communication mechanisms, information sometimes flows slowly from governmental entities.  Some possible options to increase governmental transparency were discussed.
  3. Residential development-  A new mixed use (residential + light business) is apparently  being planned for the NE corner of Old 12 and Freer.  The impact of this and other pending developments were discussed.  In particular, the need for mid- and lower-cost properties (both owned, rented) was pointed out, to include small houses.