2018-12-15 Notes

The majority of discussion at this morning's Forum focused on the Forum itself. Several ideas were generated to promote the Forum and make it even more relevant to community members. Here is a short list of those ideas:

- Advance notice of discussion topics (see future topics to be covered later in the notes)

- Extend invitations to specific community stakeholders

- Involve community youth - school students - possibly extending an invitation to a high school student to take notes and monitor the group

- "Carryover" of topics - continuing discussions from one Forum to the next

- Promotions - connect with local media - Chelsea Update, Chelsea Residents in the Know Facebook page, etc; create flyers to post in schools and around the community.

The second topic of discussion revolved around the Border-to-Border/Iron Bell

Trail in Washtenaw County. Chelsea City Council Member, Jane Pacheco, attended a recent "donor reception" for the project, and shared that several million dollars have been successfully raised, quickly and locally, to support the project. The project is now moving ahead, constructing segments of the trail this spring and beyond. For more information people are encouraged to visit the project website: https://www.washtenaw.org/334/Border-to-Border-Trail.

The Chelsea Community Forum meets every third Saturday of the month at 9:00am at the Chelsea Senior Center located in the Washington Street Education Center (500 Washington Street). Everyone is invited to attend and bring forth topics for discussion. Here are future Forum dates and one of the topics to be discussed:

January 19 , 2019

Michigan Proposal 1 - legalization of recreational marijuana.

February 16, 2019

Community Mental Health an Wellness