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Task List

Hoping this accomplishes the following:
  1. Make it easy to match tasks with members
  2. Match tasks with time of the season
  3. Serve as a very rough yardstick of how much time the community needs to spend on community matters
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TimeTaskHour EstimateVolunteersNotes
TimeTaskHour EstimateVolunteersNotes
Begin Season Faith in Action plot plant Candace P and Lucy S Make sure plant standard veggies, canvas suppliers for donations 
Begin Season Getting power tools ready Dave Swank (this year was Doug W.)  It will make sense that whomever stores them takes care of mothballing and spting tuning them 
Begin Season Getting water system running Steve W and Doug W Specialized skills - might be good for someone to work with Steve so that more people can do this. 
Begin Season New member orientation Mully and Deb? Introduce members to garden and other gardeners, go over guidelines, etc. 
Begin Season Planting front flowers Susan Planting flowers by front fence.  
End season Putting garden to bed 10 Doug W, Jim B, Eric K (need more people, people!) Rototill abandoned plots. 
End Season Dismantling and putting away water system Steve W and Doug W See: Getting water system running 
End Season Faith in Action plot put to bed Candace P and Lucy S Clean up and till plot(s) 
End Season Harvest dinner coordination 
End Season Putting tools away Doug W Mothballing, carting power tools away. Cleaning and lindseed oiling hand tools. 
Ongoing Agit prop and propaganda Needs doing at all? Community relations are important. Fliers, writing press releases,etc. 
Ongoing Book keeping Mully Keep the books, coordinate financial matters, liase with Faith in Action 
Ongoing Compost chores Roger & Sue primaries. Doug W, Steve W, others - sign up here! Not sure what is involved here - but the Compost Commodore (Roger) indicated that very happy to share the load and the knowledge. 
Ongoing Faith in Action plot plant  Candace P and Lucy S, Jim B (need more people?) Water, weed, harvest and deliver to FIA 
Ongoing Manure runs Linda M, Jim B, Eric K, Jim W (put your name down!) Bring manure from sources, put in communal pile. Some coordination with compost may be required. 
Ongoing Mowing paths Dave Swank Twice a month (April,Sept-Oct), weekly May-August) 
Ongoing  Mulch,water and weed front flower beds Karen C, Lucy S (need more people!) This seems like a weekly task 
Ongoing Rototiller and power tool orientation This was Dave S, but I have seen other people doing it Make sure new members and members new to the tools know how to use them 
Ongoing Sibling Community Garden relations Dan K (volunteered) Some talk that volunteering getting the second CG garden associated with the senior center started should count for the volunteer hours. 
Ongoing Steering Committee Membership Susan (put your name down people!) As agreed last year - serving in this committee or in a specific task force should count as volunteer time, not sure if it was a 1:1 ratio 
Ongoing Tool Maintenance and Purchase Doug W  
Specific date Open house Staff open house, date to be determined 
Showing 22 items