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How do I get a plot?

Contact us from this page and attend an orientation - this usually takes place at the end of March.

What does it cost?

Plot rental is $20 per year, per plot. You also pay a one-time deposit of $20 per plot when you join the garden. Your deposit will be refunded when you leave the garden, if you have kept your plot in good order and completed your volunteer hours each year.

What is the work requirement?

At least 8 hours of community garden work per season as documented on the calendar to be kept in the garden shed.

What kinds of community work are available?

There is always much to do with the fence, water, mowing paths, and tending community areas like the asparagus patch.  We also schedule spring and fall work days for turning compost and spreading manure. Sorry, working on your own plot does not count!

What do you mean by "organic"? Can I use transplants I bought at the store?

Please see our Garden Guidelines for details. Short version: You can use non-organic seeds and transplants, but you can't use chemical fertilizers or pesticides in the garden.

How is the garden governed?

Governance is very loose - we have a Steering Committee that meets fairly regularly and everybody is invited. We make make decisions through discussion and consensus.

Do you have another question? Contact us or ask it below!