The garden was first discussed in 2008 by a group of folks craving sunshine and open spaces to grow food. They teamed up with Faith in Action and the City of Chelsea, Michigan, to prepare an acre of land off Sibley Rd. in the park between Timbertown, Veterans' Park, and Letts Creek (map).  The group also had significant help from Project Grow, who provided the basic template of group structure, critical documents, and basically preventing the need to reinvent the wheel.

Our mission is simple - to provide access to gardening space in Chelsea, Michigan, and to have a great time gardening together! We're a close-knit group. You'll never lack for encouragement, advice, commiseration, or spare produce when you're a member.

Today, about 30 members tend 40 individual plots.  We grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers, we improve the soil organically, we help each other out, and every fall, we celebrate the harvest together.