Topic: benefits of our daily food.

Time: two days.

Methodology: work in team.

Language skills: reading and speaking.

Learning outcome: create some animated short videos.

Description: Before the next activity “Competition game” where students have to persuade their peers that theirs sandwiches are the best, learners have to look for the benefits of the ingredients they have chosen for their recipes. In order to do it more challenging and engaging, these benefits will be introduced by the children using ChatterPix Kids - by Duck Duck Moose, a free online tool for iphones. They will have to take pictures of the ingredients used and make them interactive. But, that is not all, as students will use Aurasma app to hide their creation. People who want to discover them, will have to download this app, follow the teacher called “marta_pmonte” and scan the ingredient pictures. Have a look at the example I’ve made of my pyramid sandwich recipe (mission2) by scanning these characters below.
    Listen to me to find out what you             have to do in this third mission