Topic: knowledge of geometric shapes.

Time: three days.

Methodology: work in teams

Language skill: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Learning outcome: create a presentation.

Description: In teams, students have to find out information on the internet about a geometric shape teacher will give them. Then, using a free web tool such as CANVA, all groups has to create their own presentation to give their peers a brief overview of how their geometric shapes look like. Then, through KNOVIO, another free tool, students will illustrate their presentation by explaining orally what each slide contains. The records have to be taken slide by slide, so it is a really good exercise as every child can have a chance to talk. Also, it will help learners improve their speaking and correct any pronunciation mistake as they can actually realise errors by listening themselves.
     (Click on the picture above to see an example of a pyramid presentation) 
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