Chef John Jackson

It was the macaroni and cheese that did it. Initially thinking that genetic engineering was going to be his path, John Jackson’s college girlfriend inadvertently helped him switch directions after
an inspiring dinner of good ol’ macaroni and cheese. Within a year Jackson had enrolled in the Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts where he graduated with honors in 1993. This love of simple but delicious food has remained with Jackson throughout his diverse career, turning into a philosophy that “food should be simple and elegant.” Maintaining that he likes “duck to taste like duck, chicken like chicken and that it should all be very connected to the seasons” Jackson continues to source the freshest ingredients for his
fine fare.

Jackson’s early years in the kitchen found him gaining experience in
some of the top restaurants and hotels in the country. After working for three years under Mike Fennelly at Mike’s on the Avenue, Jackson headed west were he was employed by the Kimpton Hotel Group helping to open three Oritalia restaurants within three years' time.  Wanting to continue expanding his culinary skills, Jackson headed to The Village Pub in Northern California where he worked under Mark Sullivan and developing a true passion for charcuterie, soups and sauces. 

Jackson’s dream of owning his own restaurant was realized in 2004
when he and his business partner Michael Bourseau opened up Mix Restaurant in West Hollywood. Combining fresh California ingredients with a French Mediterranean flair, Jackson received much acclaim for his exquisitely prepared cuisine. Closing in 2006, Jackson became the Opening Executive Chef of the award winning Crepe Vine Bistro in Pasadena before moving back up to Northern California where he continues to be a strong force in the culinary world bringing passion and taste to everything he does.