spicy hamachi tartare, nori sheets


hamachi (belly cut works best with this preparation)
orange tobiko
quail egg
miracle whip
siracha hot sauce
lemon ponzu
crushed garlic
sliced cucumber (optional)
nori sheets
fine sea salt


1.  finely chop hamachi and refrigerate.
2.  in a bowl, mix equal portions of miracle whip and mayo together. then fold in shichimi, siracha hot sauce, crushed garlic, salt, and chives.  the spicy mayo should be orange-ish.
3.  gently stir the spicy mayo mixture into the hamachi, little by little, to taste.

to plate:

1.  put some of the spicy hamachi tartare into a bowl.  garnish with sliced cucumbers all around.  top with a bed of chopped chives, then some orange tobiko, and finally top with quail egg.  (yolk only) gently spoon some lemon ponzu around the tartare.  serve with nori sheets and extra shichimi on the side.