japanese tapas: wagyu beef nigiri, grilled maitake mushroom


wagyu beef- buy the super marbled

sushi rice- see recipe in "sujiki, uni, sushi rice" post

maitake mushrooms

meyer lemon


shabu shabu sauce


olive oil

fine sea salt

freshly cracked black pepper




1.  drizzle maitake mushrooms with olive oil, toss with salt and cracked black pepper.  place on grill. you

want it to be slightly charred for a nice smoky flavor.

2.  make sushi rice into nigiri.  you can always look at youtube to leanr how to make nigiri. practice makes

perfect. top nigiri with slices of the marbled wagyu.

3.  thinly slice scallion tips and meyer lemon for garnish. mix half parts shabu shabu sauce and ponzu together.

4.  torch the top of the beef until the top is slightly charred but still a bit rare underneath.  season with fine sea

salt and garnish with scallions.

5.  plating: place grilled maitake mushrooms on the side of a white plate. garnish mushrooms with a slice of

meyer lemon. place wagyu nigiri next to mushrooms and top beef with shabu/ponzu sauce. serve