Dinosaur decorations for kids room - Jungle room decoration.

Dinosaur Decorations For Kids Room

dinosaur decorations for kids room
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    for kids
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Dinosaur Footprint , Isle of Wight
Dinosaur Footprint , Isle of Wight
A large tri-toed dinosaur footprint (infilled with pebbles for clarity of outline). BEST VIEWED ON BLACK. The location was on the beach at Compton Bay, just along from Alum Point. These footprints were left by Iguanodontoid dinosaurs and are found in rocks of the Wessex Formation (Barremian age) and are about 130,000,000 years old (130 m.y.o.) !The photo was taken around 2000 or 2011 and I still have that old geological hammer.
In the botantical garden, they have a part that's got real dinosaur footprints and a turtle that's been dead forever but you can still see some parts of him! Me and Timmy posed in front of this dinosaur; Timmy was holding on tight cause he already fell off once.

dinosaur decorations for kids room
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