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Welcome to Cheese Enthusiast! Here we recognize that those who make cheese, love cheese, and those who love cheese, even if they don’t make it themselves are fascinated by how it is made and served. We therefore take a broad look at the cheese we love – from in-depth investigations into traditional and developing cheeses to the excitement and challenges of making cheese at home to cooking with and serving cheese, including food and wine pairings on a home scale. Our first love is supporting the home cheesemaking community but we’ll also take a look outside our home. Cheese Enthusiast is learning from small-scale artisanal and farmstead cheesemakers and passing their tips on to those of us who want to give it a try. We’re talking to chefs and cheese shops to discover what they are looking for when they decide what to carry or what to feature in their restaurants. Additionally, Cheese Enthusiast includes “check-ins” with home cheesemakers, DVD and book reviews, and updates on “cheese news” from around the community.

As our appropriately anxious nation turns away from mass-produced factory food and looks more locally for healthy things to eat and drink, to grow and to make at home, Cheese Enthusiast does its part to sustain and develop the local-dairy, farmers-market, and home-made approach to life.

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