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    marble blast
  • Marble Blast Gold is a 3D adventure game. It was pre-installed on some Apple Inc. computers like the iMac and iBook. It is also available for Windows operating systems as well as various Linux distributions.
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cheats for marble blast gold - Brand New
Brand New Luxor 5: Anniversery Edition (Works With: WIN XP,VISTA,WIN 7)
Brand New Luxor 5: Anniversery Edition (Works With: WIN XP,VISTA,WIN 7)
Brand New Luxor 5: Anniversery Edition (Works With: WIN XP,VISTA,WIN 7)
Celebrate 5 years of LUXOR with an all-new, marble-shooting adventure!

Get ready to wield your winged-scarab shooter in an all-new LUXOR, the 1 action-puzzle game of all time!

Navigate your shooter to ensure matches of three or more fire colored balls into the advancing chain of colored spheres to eliminate them before they destroy the pyramids. Unlock all 20 achievements as you collect Ankh coins for extra lives and catch falling treasures for big bonus points.

Save ancient Egypt in the 100-level Adventure mode, or test your accuracy in all-new Blast mode the 2-minute timed mode that challenges you to rack up the points. Or play through People s Choice mode, where we give you 15 of players favorites levels from LUXOR 2, LUXOR 3 and Quest for the Afterlife!

Master four new power-ups: the powerful Double Shooter, the devastating Black Hole, the ruinous Spiker Ball, and the deathly Lead Barrage. Outfitted with 25 all-new backgrounds and pathways, LUXOR Fifth Passage also introduces the Eye of Horus click the button when you re in a real jam to eliminate all remaining spheres. And, for the true LUXOR Pharaoh, an Insane difficulty level to test your marble-shooting skills! Celebrate 5 years of LUXOR s reign in the 5th Passage!

Key Features:

100 all-new Adventure Mode levels
Classic LUXOR game play style with 25 all-new backgrounds & pathways
New bonus stage.
4 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard & INSANE.
20 Achievements to earn.
All-new Blast Mode lets you test your skills in two minutes!
Players Choice Mode includes 15 fan-favorite levels from LUXOR 2, LUXOR 3 & Quest for the Afterlife.
Eye of Horus lets you summon the Pharaoh to destroy t ...

The Old Marble Falls Dam, 1951
The Old Marble Falls Dam, 1951
Photo ID: W00096 The old Marble Falls Dam after the dynamite is detonated, July 30, 1951. According to the LCRA News, spectators “saw the dam crumble, and a split second later heard the thunder-like blast.” Immediately, about 5,000 acre-feet of water rushed downstream, creating a long waterfall which settled into a steady roar.” Photographic Print: 8" x 10" Photographer: Ben Smith
Cheat River - Big Nasty
Cheat River - Big Nasty
On the idiot line at Big Nasty, Cheat River WV