Thermal cooking : Cooking turkey on a grill.

Thermal Cooking

thermal cooking
    thermal cooking
  • A modern thermal cooker uses the concept of the Haybox whereby placing hay or straw around a cooking pot of heated food the meal continues to cook without fuel.

eggs cooked in hot spring, 1988*1*
eggs cooked in hot spring, 1988*1*
cousin, aunt, me, mom and sister@hot spring area, taipei, yang ming shan, thermal valley, 1988. ??,??,?,??,??@??,???,??? 1988. it was my first time to visit a hot spring area in taiwan. my mom told me it's a place called "thermal valley" but i'm not sure i re-collect that haha. but everyone had a great time cooking those eggs in the boiling water. we showed off our cooked eggs just for the camera :) photo take by my uncle <3
Life is Cooking, Thermal Pool, Yellowstone NP, Wyoming
Life is Cooking, Thermal Pool, Yellowstone NP, Wyoming
Mother Nature is cooking up a brew of life in Yellowstone's thermal pools she keeps the pot steaming hot and add the right minerals and algeas to make a soup of life in all colors. Looks like mint tea pool to me. All the color are wonderful at the geyser basins.

thermal cooking
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