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  • biggest consumers of energy in homes and buildings, which are heating
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Day 93/365 - From coast to coast.
Day 93/365 - From coast to coast.
We left Manchester today for The furthest eastern state in the country, Maine. You know you getting close to Canada when signs show both miles and kilometers. We really didn't have any real destination other than the state of Maine. We followed I-95 until we saw signs for Portland. Portland is the capital of Maine and also the largest city in the state with a whopping 66,000 people. Just to give you some perspective, New York City has a Population of 8,175,133. Suffice to say, Portland, Maine is a small City. We arrived at just after 1pm and went straight to the pizza restaurant that had the best reviews on Yelp. Ottos made us a fresh cheese and pepperoni pizza for just 9.00 very good and well worth every penny. My only complaint was that they had a separate dining room that went by a different name. We had ordered at Ottos but decided to sit down at Enzos which is ran by the same company and serve the same menu cooked int the same kitchen and operated by the same staff, yet if you are sitting at enzos you need to pay at enzos. Strange!!! We ordered and payed for the pizza at Ottos and ordered drinks at Enzos but tipped on the total from both places. Oh, and they said they couldn't do half toppings on a small. I said, so why don't you just put the full amount of peperonis on the pie and just slid them over to one side - No luck! I was half tempted to walk out but didn't want to embarass Joyce. From the delicious but confusing lunch we walked the streets of Portland for the next hour. Old brick buildings and classic confusing city road system gives you the big city feel without the worry that someone will jack your camera off your neck and shank you in the kidney while stealing your shoes. After about an hour we decided to drive to Cape Elizabeth and see the Portland Headlight. The rest of the world call it a lighthouse but I can see how they can get it confused as It really does look almost identical to a car headlight. We walked up and down the park surrounding the lighthouse. This was the 2nd military base we've been to on the trip. The first being in San Francisco and now the second in Portland, Maine. Coast to Coast, Lighthouse, to Lighthouse. This shot was a combination of several different shots as I wanted a people shot but also wanted a landmark. I had snapped the shot of Joyce and the wind whipped scarf shortly after I shot the shot of the lighthouse. The combination of the two just seemed right. We returned to Downtown Portland for dinner. I had seen a Thai restaurant while walking and thought it would be nice to sit down to a good meal. Yelp gave it great reviews and it had 4 stars. Well… Lets just say that I could have strangled yelp and each reviewer. The food was barely Thai as it was covered in a thick syrupy sauce and nastily breaded. Thai chicken isn't supposed to be breaded nore slow cooked. The vegetables were raw and the service was the worst ever. We didn't even know who are server was. The woman who sat us took 15 minutes to ask if we were ready to order. Our food came 15 minutes later by a young asian man and that was the last we saw of him for 20 min. I had ate my meal as I was just really hungry. Joyce barley touched hers and when the man finally came around to ask if everything was ok I just let him know it wasn't. He tried to make us a new meal but I wasn't going to have another crap dish made. The worst meal yet would have been our most expensive. Each dish was 12.95! Stay away from Pom's Thai Taste at 571 Congress St. Portland, ME 04109 After the terrible meal we headed up to the top of the hill in Portland and I froze and snapped several shots of the city at twilight. From there we were back to Manchester for our last night before we hit the road again. Heading south from here on out. Should be home in a week and I'm not looking forward to that. I'm going to be hot, sticky and bored!!! Someone needs to save me!
14 hour pic day 23-365
14 hour pic day 23-365
This day i took every hour a photo, so it is quit interesting to see how your day is spend. Pic 1. the beautiful sun rise who wakes me up with a feeling it was 1 o'clock in the afternoon, but in reality it was 10 o'clock. The sun rise was long time not this good, it was the first real beautiful sun rise which I could really enjoy from since a long time pic 2.first Quality lecture of this term, I really liked this classes because it is a nice topic, talking about food safety and quality for food. The lectures of today is a small introduction, in my previous education I also got quality lectures so it was nothing new for me, but some classmates where thinking W * F. Pic 3.12 o'clock almost lunch time, in a short break for 15 min Floris and I went outside to run around the forum buildig (school) and enjoyed the weather and the sun light. So I am thinking to lunch outside in the sun and nice weather. Pic 4.Waiting till the next lectures begin, listing some music trough the music system from school. Each classroom has his own beamer and special sound system for lectures, but student can also use this equipment. Waiting do not have to be a problem. Pic 5.the most boring lecture of the week, the teacher is a witch and very scary. So that does not work to get my attentions, also the way she gives her lectures is boring so what did I do those 2 hours some games at my mobile and chat with classmates. Pic 6.Still having the same lectures, where is a rope???? pic 7.Finally walk out of school, this was the first day after almost 2 weeks of holiday so it is now back on track and being a student again. Pic 8.Went to my girlfriend with the bus, she had a special treatment for her pain in the back, so I went with her to support here. Pic 9.And going back with the bus, you see the pink/white device in the middle on the left side?? Well we use that device to check in and out in the bus it “works”also on train stations.... but this whole system is one big mass, will it ever work? Well I do not know. Pic10.Crzay people who are waiting for there food, we ordered some food because we are to lazy to cook by us own. Pic11.Well I finished my diner and read some papers about voting for the government. It was interesting, what was really interesting I could be a treehugger, because I vote for such a group. But I am not, I just like a green city and the nature. Pic12.Finally at home, but the first 10 min the gas heater had to be at position hell, so it would be nice and warm in my room. Because I do not have any other heating systems. Pic13.Fixing my pc and laptop!! 1 TIP OF TODAY DO NOT BUY IN ANY CIRCUMESTANCE A ACER LATOP OF DESKTOP, THEY Will DESTROY YOUR LIFE. I got a long term problem with acer so I really do not like them any more. Pic14.I would like going to sleep but I not feeling so well, so I prepared myself for the worst what could happen this evening and you can guess what that is.....

cooking tip of the day
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