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Wheel Tire Depot

wheel tire depot
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Non identical twins.
Non identical twins.
Broadly similar to the ex North Western VDB AEC Reliances in the last two postings were PMT's XVTs from the same year (1963). This 1976 shot shows 942 on the layover park at Hanley bus station. The bus along side it is an almost visually identical Leyland Leopard, 952 XVT. The previous years deliveries had also seen the orders split similarly with ten from each manufacturer, before returning to AEC only for the 1964s... one of which's rear end with the new wrap round rear screens just creeps into shot. The AEC's were distinguishable from the Leylands by their higher driving position, kidney bean shaped instrument binnacle and engine air intake vents behind the O/S front wheel. The Leopard's air intake was invisible and sat alongside the radiator under the driver's cab. Whilst the Leylands were undoubtedly reliable plodders, they lacked the nimble abilities of the AEC, PMT drivers of the era relate their dread of being rostered one because of the heavy controls. This scene today has changed somewhat, further departure stands now occupy this spot, the old Good Year Tyre depot, Discount Centre by this time, was demolished many years ago and a frozen food shop now occupies the site. The blocks of late '60 flats still stand though.
C954YOR Leeds Holbeck Depot 14th-February-1987
C954YOR  Leeds Holbeck Depot  14th-February-1987
Parked up at Leeds Holbeck Depot on Saturday 14th-February-1987 is this Bedford TL Truck fitted out by Bruff with Re-railing etc Equipment At this time there were about a dozen or so of these trucks scattered around the country allocated to larger T M Ds. They were fitted with Rail-Wheels as well as their Road Tyres I was on an organised visit to this location with all the correct permits and paper-work etc.

wheel tire depot
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