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Optional Tire Size Calculator

optional tire size calculator
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    tire size
  • (Tire sizing) The correct way to read a tire size, xxx/yyRzz: x represents the tire’s tread width, in millimeters; y represents the height, which is a percentage of the width (it is also called the ‘aspect ratio’); R stands for ‘radial,’ which is the standard design for all modern tires; z
  • Tire code or Tyre code - Automobile tires are described by an alphanumeric code, which is generally molded into the sidewall of the tire. This code specifies the dimensions of the tire, and some of its key limitations, such as load-bearing ability, and maximum speed.
  • (Tire sizing) Plus sizing is the practice of changing a specific tire to a larger size while compensating with reductions in other aspects of the tire's size so that the new tire has the same diameter and circumference as the original tire to prevent any changes in speedometer accuracy, torque
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16: Empty seat well during a "tire test" (5422)
16: Empty seat well during a "tire test" (5422)
I had hoped to store my full-size spare tire in this seat well but the tire is just a little bit too big to fit, even though the back wall of the well has an indentation for a tire (the temporary spare?). Thus, as is shown in previous photos in this set, I attached a piece of plywood to the spare and carried it on the custom floor, using it as a shelf. In May 2009 I had a thought: would the spare tire fit in the well if it were deflated? The answer is "yes." I took this picture after putting the deflated spare in the well during a test (note the tire mark in the well's carpeting). I bought an air compressor for inflating the spare on the road. The compressor also goes in the well. This discovery eliminated the problem of carrying my full-size spare tire on the custom floor. 2009-05-10; 16:12:59
18: Seat well with spare tire (5478)
18: Seat well with spare tire (5478)
Full-size spare tire stored in the seat well. The tire has been deflated to fit in the well. The spare tire used to be stored in the cabin, taking up valuable space. Also stored in the well but not shown here is an air compressor for inflating the tire if I ever have to mount it, tools, and miscellaneous supplies. 2009-05-10; 20:04:00

optional tire size calculator
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