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Dean Tires Reviews

dean tires reviews
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hoodlum! [day 175.]
hoodlum! [day 175.]
Someone stole my car. Right out of my driveway. In the middle of the night My mom noticed first. She woke me at 6AM and I called the cops. Turns out cars like mine have been getting stolen a lot around here and when the cops find them, they're stripped. I don't expect them to ever find it. But of course, I wish they will. Jess took me to work in the morning. I hadn't been able to fall back asleep, so I stayed up talking to Adam until Jess picked me up. Jony gave me a huge hug when I got to the studio. At one point during work, there was total chaos going on but I'm not about to describe it. Around 2:30, Adam and Loly came to the studio and waited for me to get off work. They gave me lots of hugs and lovin' because I was sad. :( Loly said she wanted to buy me something to cheer me up but Adam told her I wasn't a girly-girl, so she decided against it. Needless to say, Adam got a smack in the face. We went back to Adam's house and watched Jo Koy stand up while we waited for Alex to come by. We showed him the poster and he loved it! He says he really wants one too. :) Already, this thing is high in demand. :) We all headed to the mall and found Chris and Alan setting up. Eventually, Omar and Freddy showed up too. We all stood around for a minute, talking. I mentioned my car. Alan and Freddy were SHOCKED. Chris joked, "That's what you get for having a sweet-ass car!" :P We hung out at the mall for a few hours. Walked around, sat around, stood around. Cameras were passed around. I found a few pictures on my memory card that other people had taken when they borrowed Dave. :P The boys played AN AMAZING SET. Only 2 songs, but the power and energy was not lacking in the least. They played "Never Let It End" and "Everybody Stop." The crowd was going INSANE and everyone loved them! The judges had nothing but positive reviews. :) Right after the boys played, Adam, Omar, Alex and I all left the mall. I had them drop me off at home and they went out to eat. I'd wanted to go with them but I was so exhausted, I just wanted to come home. Long day. Tiring. But fun. :) Normally, I'd handle something like this laying down. If I didn't have such amazing friends, I probably would've sat at home, waiting for the cops to call. But I can't live like that. I love my friends. :)
Jimmy Dean and Large Dogs
Jimmy Dean and Large Dogs
Jimmy Dean is not too trusting of large dogs - just look at his eyes. He knows Lucy, she lives in the apartment belonging to our neighbor, but she is still a youngster and too playful for Jimmy Dean's liking.

dean tires reviews
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