Pocket Watch Crystal Sizes

pocket watch crystal sizes
    watch crystal
  • crystal: a protective cover that protects the face of a watch
  • A crystal oscillator is an electronic oscillator circuit that uses the mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal of piezoelectric material to create an electrical signal with a very precise frequency.
  • a small pouch inside a garment for carrying small articles
  • Put into one's pocket
  • pouch: an enclosed space; "the trapped miners found a pocket of air"
  • Drive (a ball) into a pocket
  • put in one's pocket; "He pocketed the change"
  • Take or receive (money or other valuables) for oneself, esp. dishonestly
  • Each of the classes, typically numbered, into which garments or other articles are divided according to how large they are
  • (size) (used in combination) sized; "the economy-size package"; "average-size house"
  • (size) cover or stiffen or glaze a porous material with size or sizing (a glutinous substance)
  • (size) the physical magnitude of something (how big it is); "a wolf is about the size of a large dog"
  • The relative extent of something; a thing's overall dimensions or magnitude; how big something is
  • Extensive dimensions or magnitude

Agnes Zancig's Miniature Gazing Ball - Steampunk Opalite Necklace
Agnes Zancig's Miniature Gazing Ball - Steampunk Opalite Necklace
Agnes waited for the signal to let her know that an object or word had been chosen. Each night her husband blindfolded her and then had an audience member show him an object or write a word for her to divine. Even though she was blindfolded, she could feel the weight of the opalite orb around her neck. Smooth and milky white, it almost looked blue in some lights, but glowed a deep orange when light shone through it. Her husband, the great magician, Julius Zancig, had discovered a wonderful way to infuse opalite with telepathic properties; she wasn't sure exactly how it worked, but it involved running a course of electrical current through the stone. As a result, whenever she gazed at the orb, for a split second, she could see what she needed to see. In this case, what she needed to see was the object or written word from the audience member. At the signal, she removed the blindfold from her eyes and Julius told her to reveal the object (a gold pocket watch that was now safely back in the pocket of its owner) to the audience. She gazed down at the pendant around her neck; the milky blue-white orb glowed warmly on her chest. For a moment, white on white swirls eddied around inside the orb and then, for a split second, she saw a gold pocket watch. "I am sending my thoughts to you telepathically!" her husband announced. "Please tell us what the audience member showed me, just a few moments ago." Agnes furrowed her brow as if concentrating and then said "I see.....gold...yes...gold like the harvest moon. I see...no it isn't the moon, it's a pocket watch... yes! It is a pocket watch!" The audience gasped in unison and then burst into wild applause. Agnes and her husband smiled. The public would declare them a hoax if they knew that they were divining by anything but telepathy, but to Agnes, this pendant seemed much more like magic than tricks using slight of hand or reading minute facial expressions and calling it "mind reading." It was the couple's best kept secret. Julius and Agnes Zancig were real people. If you would like to learn more about them, read 'The Illustrated History of Magic', by Milbourne Christopher and David Copperfield. Agnes's pendant measures approximately 80mm in length. The milky opalite sphere is 20mm and accented spectacularly with brass findings. A floral filigree drop, watch gear, and vintage amber crystal hang below; they jingle like bells and create layers of texture, movement, and color to the piece. The pendant hangs from a sturdy, brass, circle chain. The chain measures approximately 60.96cm or 24" in length, including the clasp. The clasp is brass as well and handmade by me. It is a Shepard's hook clasp, accented with bronze-brown Czech glass beads. Every Gazing Ball necklace I make will be slightly different so that each one will be unique. Nobody else will have one exactly like yours. ==================== Customer testimonial ==================== "I got the necklace yesterday (I think it shipped via wormhole) and I must tell you: it is the best thing I have gotten from Etsy. Ever. I underestimated the size of it, and adore how huge it ended up being! It looks absolutely gorgeous, and I love the little tinkling sound it makes as I walk around! I also love the subtle little cog on it, as heavy cog jewelry has now become so commonplace in the steampunk world - having a more delicate version of this is fantastic. It really is a beautiful piece, and I cannot wait to wear it to a steampunk party I plan on attending in July, with my gold ballgown. :D Thank you so much! I will definitely order from you in the future!" $45 + $4 SH US
Ruby Sword and Treasure Ring
Ruby Sword and Treasure Ring
This ring was made for the Steampunker who really wants a unique, one of a kind ring. A gorgeous antiqued brass stamping from a vintage mold has been formed around an antiqued brass ring and they were welded together. A matching antiqued silver sword stamping has been wrapped around the outside of this ring and also welded into place giving it such a neat look. An antique pocket watch barrel was welded to the front and a gorgeous ruby Swarovski crystal is set into place. The band measures 7/8"w at the center and tapers down to 1/2". This ring is adjustable from a size 7 up. It's very sturdy!

pocket watch crystal sizes
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