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In these days weather we build e-commerce application or mobile application we often need to send emails and and for this we need smtp server api and using this we can send notifications to our users.

Our company Sakshamapp International Pvt. Ltd. bring a cheap smtp server and email marketing script which you can use and integrate in any kind of application.

This application is free when you send upto 1000 emails per month and for more you will need to pay also during registration we don't take credit cards. Integrating in your application is an easy task in any case you need help you can email to us at support@email-marketing247.com

In some cases you will find that the port 25 and some supported port are blocked and you may not integrate our service directly. No worry here we have other solution you can HTTP and https to send emails. Surprise how you will do ? No worry just check out our documents for more.

We provide REST API and using this you can send your send email request to our server we will use our ports an deliver it. We provide many more thing I am sure you will be happy and satisfied while working with us.

We provide a neat refund policy if you don't like we can refund no issue on this We will loss 1 client but we will be happy to discuss with you.

Please contact us susheelhbti@outlook.com skype gcsplindia  whats app   91 9559190379