Wooden table legs - Bamboo folding table.

Wooden Table Legs

wooden table legs
    wooden table
  • A table is a type of furniture comprising an open, flat surface supported by a base or legs. It may be used to hold articles such as food or papers at a convenient or comfortable height when sitting, and is therefore often used in conjunction with chairs.
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Table Leg Bookcase
Table Leg Bookcase
I made this. How to make a bookcase just like this: 1. Shopping List * 24 turned wood table legs of assorted lengths. Home Depot has these for around $3ea. * 4 wooden feet. * 4 screw-on plates for mounting the feet. * unfinished pine shelving to taste. * wood glue * mucho 1/4" wooden pegs 2. Cut the pine shelving to an appropriate width. 3. Put a peg hole about 1.5" from the edges at each of the four corners. Build a drilling jig to get the hole in the right place for every shelf, otherwise use a template. (I also recommend pencilling an "X" in the bottom rear corner of each shelf, to ensure consistent orientation in case your jig is slightly off.) 4. route the edges of the shelves to taste. (I did a full round-over using a slightly dangerous improvised rig to turn my plunger router into a stationary router.) 5. using a wrench, remove the metal screws from all of the table legs. Recycle the screws. (On second thought, perhaps it would have been better to use the metal screws in place of the wooden pegs in some places -- feel free to experiment). 6. using a jig to get a consistent length within each set of 4, cut the table legs to desired heights. Label your legs with pencils to ensure you keep your sets of 4 sorted properly. 7. Screw the plates and feet onto your bottom shelf. 8. Put four pegs in the bottom shelf. 9. Mount your four table legs atop the four pegs, and glue into place. 10. Place another shelf atop the four legs, and add some weight, to provide pressure while the glue sets. 11. after the glue has set (varies by glue), use the second shelf as the template to drill peg holes into the tops of the table legs. 12. lift shelf, insert pegs into tops of table legs, add glue, and then glue the shelf back into place. The pegs should protrude slightly from the top of the shelf, providing the place where the next set of table legs with attach. 13. repeat steps 9-12 for the remaining table legs and shelves. 14. Paint/stain/oil the piece and install. I chose to use a milkpaint whitewash, which was harder to apply than a latex paint or a stain, but made me happy by leaving the woodgrain visible.
Oh!..she's got legs...
Oh!..she's got legs...
...and they are thin, tall and sexy! ...she came to shake the quiet waters of the Penthouse with her charming existence, ...and the only reason she's allowed to live here, in this happy menage a trois, is that she's....a table! Young, fresh & well preserved despite her being born in the 50s, she has a shiny glass surface and she celebrates mild curves in all of her existence! We both love her too much to list on the shop, but one must also earn a living in this life somehow, right? So we decided to keep her with us and give her shelter, until a new loving, stylish home is found for her.

wooden table legs