Mckenna Sofa Table

mckenna sofa table
    sofa table
  • (Sofa tables) are similar to Pembroke tables and usually have longer and narrower tops. They were specifically designed for placement directly in front of sofas for serving tea, writing, dining, or other convenient uses.
  • (Sofa Tables) A sofa table is not unlike a Pembroke table, having similar folding flaps which are hinged and can be raised and held by concealed brackets.
  • (sofa tables) (in  drop-leaf table (furniture))
  • Joseph (1843–1926), US Supreme Court associate justice 1898–1925. He was the US attorney general 1897–98 when he was appointed to the Court by President McKinley
  • McKenna, also MacKenna, is the anglicized form of the Gaelic Irish surname "Mac Cionaoith", also spelt Mac Cionaodha or Mac Cionnaith, meaning "son of Cionaodha".
  • (Mckennas) CMS Cameron McKenna LLP (sometimes referred to as Camerons or, internally, CMCK) is an international law firm with over 130 partners and offices throughout the United Kingdom and Central and Eastern Europe.
  • McKenna was a short-lived TV series that aired on ABC during the 1994-1995 season. It starred Chad Everett and Jennifer Love Hewitt.
mckenna sofa table - Sofa Table
Sofa Table By Famous Brand
Sofa Table By Famous Brand
Exotic campaign styling. Dark Brown Finish complemented with Famous Collectionnset stamped elements. Buckled belts add decoration. Storage cocktail table features slide open tops & vent holes for safety. End and sofa tables have drawers. The accent cabinet has two doors that open. Dimensions:
Inches: 49W x 18D x 36H77 View(List)View Metric: 1250.95mm W x 447.67mm D x 920.75mm H More Dimensions: DRAWER 24 x 13 5/8 x 4 3/4 FROM SHELF TO APRON 17 3/4
Some assembly may be required. Please see product details.

85% (15)
Victorian Sofa Table Before
Victorian Sofa Table Before
The usual complaints: chipped/missing veneer, missing beading, water stains on the table top, three missing stiles on the front. As well, the sofa table's drawers had been converted to accept dining room silverware. They had been partitioned, and lined with green baize.
Sofa Set + Center & Side Tables
Sofa Set + Center & Side Tables
The Sofa is a lether L-shape sofa, c/w a center table and side table. Price: 3000 AED

mckenna sofa table
mckenna sofa table
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