Modern Storage Heaters

modern storage heaters
    storage heaters
  • (Storage heater) A storage heater is an electrical home appliance which stores thermal energy during the evening, or at night when base load electricity is available at lower cost, and releases the heat during the day as required.
  • An electric heater that accumulates heat in water or bricks during the night (when electricity is cheaper) and releases it during the day
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Dimplex DuoHeat Electric Radiator
Dimplex DuoHeat Electric Radiator
Revolutionary radiator is the latest in stylish, energy efficient, electrical heating. Slim, modern design with user friendly, electronic controls Heat output provided by a combination of off peak and standard rate electricity sources Compatible with all off peak tariffs Optional central control unit available Energy efficiency savings of upto 10% compared with traditional off peak electric heating systems Pre-wired electrical connections, simple secure wall fixings and snap fit feet make installation easy. The secret to the DuoHeat radiator is it's intelligent use of energy, ensuring plenty of heat is available right through the day while keeping running costs low. Energy from low cost electricity tariffs (normally available at night) is retained in the heart of the heater and radiates through the casing throughout the day to provide heat input to the room. Whenever needed to maintain the room temperature, this is supplemented by a low wattage radiant element fitted in direct contact with the radiators front panel. The 2 types of heat are used together, controlled by DuoHeats 'smart' heat management system that automaticall adjusts the proportion of heat output provided by each source as needed throughout the day, to meet your comfort level.
Elnur Fan Assisted Storage Heater
Elnur Fan Assisted Storage Heater
Low speed silent fan Outputs available from 2kW to 5kW Hot air/ fresh air mixer with thermostat for homogenous outputFan controlled via separate room thermostatic controlSupplied with separate room thermostat control2 years manufacturers warranty Elnur fan assisted storage heaters take advantage of low tariff electricity in the same way as the standard Elnur storage heaters. However, instead of automatically emitting the stored heat by convection, the fan assisted heaters incorporate a low speed silent fan, which draws air through the core of the heater, and discharges the heat at a time that suits you. Until the heat is discharged, it is stored inside the thermally insulated unit. The insulation used on the Elnur fan assisted storage heaters is double the thickness of the standard storage heaters, making them one of the most efficient products at storing heat in the Elnur range.

modern storage heaters
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