Primitive Christmas Decorating Ideas

primitive christmas decorating ideas
    christmas decorating
  • (Christmas decoration) A Christmas decoration is any of several types of decorations used at Christmastime. The traditional colours of Christmas are pine green (evergreen), snow white, and heart red.
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primitive christmas decorating ideas - Victoria 500
Victoria 500 Christmas Ideas: Celebrate the Season in Splendor
Victoria 500 Christmas Ideas: Celebrate the Season in Splendor
Have a Christmas to remember with these fabulous suggestions for decorating, baking, wrapping, and all things holiday! Brimming with beautiful color photographs, Victoria 500 Christmas Ideas provides the inspiration and instruction needed to surround yourself and your family with the beauty of the season. Create a winter wonderland in your front yard or an intimate table setting that sparkles. Bake delicious cookies good enough to leave for Santa himself. Load the Christmas tree with lovely decorations and uniquely wrapped gifts boxes. Display a handmade wreath on the door to welcome your guests. Many projects take only moments, while others need a little more time and attention. Either way, Victoria will bring the best of Christmas to your home.

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christmas decorating
christmas decorating
is fun! even if it means putting away lots of things to make it all just about christmas! it is the 1st of december tomorrow ... i have a lot done, our lovely big new tree is almost finished, bits and bobs to go ... i want it looking christmassy for all of december for the girls :) besides this year we have our first proper advent calendar (hw is very excited!), and there isn't a lot of point to having it if you don't have anything else ready haha!
A decorated matchbox
A decorated matchbox
These days we use a lot of matches and I thought they would look better if I decorated them beautifully

primitive christmas decorating ideas
primitive christmas decorating ideas
A Fairy-Tale Christmas: Creating Magical Celebrations Inspired by an Enchanted Castle
In the picturesque Hudson Valley village of Tarrytown, New York, there is a small castle called Lyndhurst that attracts over 75,000 visitors each year. It is one of America’s finest Gothic Revival mansions, but at Christmastime it becomes something more, something magical; that’s when designer Bob Pesce decorates each of the castle’s 15 main rooms in the style of a different children’s story. In A Fairy-Tale Christmas, readers all across America can experience that enchanting transformation and learn how to make it happen in their own homes.

See what Cinderella’s sitting room looks like fully decked out for the holidays, or what Little Red Riding Hood hangs on her tree. Take a look at Snow White’s bedroom, with seven pairs of stockings over the mantle, or Alice in Wonderland’s game room, with its playing card–bedecked tree. Featuring 150 glittering photographs, this book offers detailed decorating instructions that allow readers to re-create many of the same effects. Recipes inspired by the “stars” of each story—from The Nutcracker’s Sugarplums to Peter Pan’s Crocodile Tears Punch—are included as well, along with fascinating facts about these beloved tales. This charming book is a beautiful keepsake that captures Lyndhurst in all its holiday glory as it guides readers into giving their own yuletide homes a special, fairy-tale feel.