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Free Home Decor Ideas

free home decor ideas
    home decor
  • any decorative items that make your house or garden feel like your home – often available in themes and groupings
  • Interior design is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment.
  • The design, furnishing and decorating of the home or apartment; the products used to decorate a home.
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Classic Home Décor Gift Idea - 24" Asian Design Fine Porcelain Oriental Umbrella Stand - Solid Black
Classic Home Décor Gift Idea - 24" Asian Design Fine Porcelain Oriental Umbrella Stand - Solid Black
Beautiful, affordable oriental design umbrella stands, decorated with four distinctive, elegant, Asian style art motifs. The blue & white vine & flower design is a classic Ming dynasty Chinese export design, finished with an outstanding antiqued ice crackle glaze. The blue & white landscape is a traditional oriental art motif, as is the Cherry Blossom design. The Zen black monochrome works well with today's contemporary eclectic interior design styles. Orders ship next business day, professionally packed fully insured from our Massachusetts warehouse via Fed Ex, with expedited delivery available. Note we offer garden stools, fishbowl planters, vases, spice jars, fruit bowls, and decorative plates in all four of these decorative designs. Browse our unmatched selection of Asian style wood stands to most beautifully display these beautiful porcelain accessories. We offer 3000+ Japanese, Chinese, Tibetan, and Korean furnishings & decor, on

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After Christmas Sale Mounted Glasswing Butterfly Frame Sets
After Christmas Sale Mounted Glasswing Butterfly Frame Sets
After Christmas Sale for Mounted Butterfly Frames with Mounted Glasswing Butterflies in a Wood Frame for $29 Most of the Glasswing butterflies from Ben the Butterfly Guy belong to the Satyriinae family with the exception of the Chorinea species which belongs to the stunning Riodinidae family (also known as the metalmarks for the brilliant, metallic hues). Satyriinae are characterized by thicker veins on the wings, solidarity, and staying away from bright lights. They are also associated with host plants from the Monocotyledons family. Monococotyledons are plants such as palms, bamboos, and orchids. Cithearias in particular are preferential to palms. Real Mounted Butterflies from my home in the Amazon to yours ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING IN THE CONTINENTAL U.S. 4.5" x 12.25" frame with double pane glass front and back (see through) *All frames are hand crafted and the quality and characteristics are much better then the common, one-sided Riker Mounts. One of the great benefits of double pane glass framing is that you can see the front and back sides of the mounted butterflies. In most cases involving Neotropical butterflies the front and back sides of the wings are distinctly different. The back many times displays a species distinct form of self defense.* Every butterfly from Ben the Butterfly Guy comes from butterfly farms throughout the Eastern region of Peru. I personally visit each farm to assure their operations are respectable and revise documentation to make sure each butterfly farm is legally permitted to operate by Peruvian law. All butterflies here are classified non-endangered by the international CITES listings as reviewed by both the Ministry of Agriculture from Peru and U.S. Fish and Wildlife in the States. Copies of documentation and clearance are available upon request for your assurance and peace of mind.
Dandelions (5x7in)
Dandelions (5x7in)
A gentle breeze pulls these dandelion seeds towards a new beginning.. Created with an idea, watercolor, Prismacolor colored pencils, and pens. This is a *print* of a original iilustration designed and completed by me. No digital touchups, all mastered by hand!

free home decor ideas
free home decor ideas
Outdoor Living Idea Book (Taunton Home Idea Books)
Even if you have a small piece of land behind your home–whether it’s in the country or the city–you, too, can create your own outdoor room. An outdoor room can be as simple as a barbeque grill and a table and chairs on a patio or as elaborate as an outdoor guest bedroom complete with a teak-framed bed and outdoor fireplace.

Creating outdoor living spaces is the new American pastime, with homeowners wanting to create a place in their backyard that extends their living space and capitalizes on all the outdoors has to offer, whether it’s relaxing by the pool, playing a game of volleyball with the kids, or hosting an al fresco dinner party on the patio. Whatever your desire, you can have it! Outdoor Living Idea Book features hundreds of the latest ideas for creating outdoor living spaces of all kinds, from cooking and dining to entertaining and relaxing to playing, no matter what size yard you have and what your budget. Creative examples of furnishings and accessories, landscaping, lighting, sculpture, and water features offer readers the most up-to-date ideas for adding style to any outdoor space.

Topics covered include:
Outdoor Kitchens
Dining & Entertainment
Furniture & Accessories
Pools & Recreation