I never thought I’d be writing a review on, but then again, I never thought I’d be using services like custom essays writing. My college proved to be a life-changing experience for me: I learnt to function without sleep and submit papers without even reading them. Review

A First Time for Everything

I can’t explain to you how scared and worried I was when choosing the essay writing service. I thought that no one would ever be able to satisfy my requirements. Deep inside I considered all of them, including EssayVikings, scam and this made me paranoid when I made my first offer.

Out of all essay writing websites I saw, writing on their website is definitely the most creative and also has positive customer reviews. What can I say – they are good at copywriting, that’s for sure. If my major were Advertising, and not Law, I’d not bother to write any of my essays and let them stress about all my papers for me. Reviews

But I needed a case study “Divorce and Property Division Practices in the USA”, so I took double caution while making an order. Basically the process of ordering a paper is simple itself, it’s impossible to forget about something:
  • First you choose a type of paper and put your email
  • Then you fill in an easy form about your paper
  • Upload any related files
  • Proofread and approve your order
But what really requires a lot of caution is choosing the writer for your paper.

EssayVikings Review

Who Writes for

Because of my skepticism I didn’t believe the customer support representative when he told me that all their writers were native English speakers and went to good universities. I had to check it myself, using the option of live chat with the writer to the fullest. Well, they are. At least Essay Vikings write very good English.

EssayVikings Reviews

But still, I rejected all the offers from writers who wrote to me first – they seemed to me like some “bulk” profiles who just try to get people to make an order. I waited till my order was online for 2 days and started talking to the writers who had a good star record (good reviews), but not too many orders. I didn’t have any doubts about is EssayVikings legit, but I wanted the writer who wasn’t working on a couple of orders at the same time.

Essay Vikings Review

At the end I found a great girl, she was polite and followed my instructions very closely. But the reason why I decided to trust her – is that she wasn’t afraid to write a free outline of my paper for me before I confirmed her as my writer. She tool a risk that I might take and use it myself, so I took the risk and trusted her with my case study.

Should you Trust this Review of

I don’t want to sound too positive or bias, so I will simply assess my order and let you decide:
  • There was no plagiarism;
  • The paper had a very interesting introduction to it;
  • The writer used authorities sources, but I did add 2 books that we studied in class;
  • There were practical examples and their analysis in my paper.
So in my review on EssayVikings I can say that it's really useful and reliable essay writing service, which has experienced writers, affordable prices and the best design!