I want to say Thank You to and share this service with everyone. I was outside of the country when I received e-mail from teacher that I must prepare article by the end of the week. However, I didn’t have a laptop with me, no books. I had no information to work with. Review

I heard from brother about some sites that can help people with researching information, editing and some technical writing. Therefore, I read reviews and decided to use CustomWriting at first, and I was pleased by the results I had after.

Meeting a Website

I was in a hurry, wrote just a thesis plan of my article. later, when I got home I had only one day till the deadline and I somehow wrote that article, but I was not sure if it will be good enough. Then I turned to website. In customer reviews I read that they can easily help me with adjusting my article! So I just thought to myself - it is worth that.

CustomWriting Review

I decided to show my article to professionals. So the site is looking just great. I love that design. I registered really fast, that’s may be the fastest registration service ever. Then I picked my country to be sure with the deadline’s time. That’s useful for clients and writers. Then I quickly placed order. It’s much easier than placing an order in the café. I just had to choose the type of document I work on and need to edit. Reviews

Then I filled the topic’s name. Picked the deadline date and left a comment about the document with my opinions about it. I uploaded the document file and confirmed the payment. Variety of payment methods at CustomWriting is just useful for everyone.

Writing and editing. The result.

So I connected to a writer, who has the best customer reviews. He was so polite with my opinion. We figured out all the things and fixes and he started to edit and rewrite my document. I was just waiting. Writer said that there is nothing to worry about, because the text is almost ready. So I was calm though deadline was just in a day.

CustomWriting Reviews

In the morning, I got my article renewed and edited by professional. It looked just great. I was afraid that my teacher won’t believe me that I wrote it by myself, but it was OK then. I am so grateful to for the help I needed so much. This was just in the right moment. Online Review

So as a Conclusion:

  • The site’s design is just beautiful and simple to use in the same moment (which is super).
  • The payment methods and step-by-step order placing surprised me.
  • They let us to choose a writer, who will work with us – that’s just amazing.
  • Writers are professionals and have really good customer reviews.
  • Speed of work is much more than just a speed.
I wish every website to be like this one. I didn’t turn for help to support, I just didn’t have reasons to. But I think they do their job as perfect as writers do. The price was not that high. It was great for me. In my review I wanna tell one more time: "Thanks for help, CustomWriting!".