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    electric violin
  • An electric violin is a violin equipped with an electronic output of its sound. The term most properly refers to an instrument purposely made to be electrified with built-in pickups, usually with a solid body.
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  • Charging low prices
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cheap electric violin - Fever Acoustic
Fever Acoustic Electric Violin, Full Size 4/4, Case, Bow
Fever Acoustic Electric Violin, Full Size 4/4, Case, Bow
This is a beautiful looking and sounding violin with quality materials and craftsmanship. The acoustic tone is really good, especially for an instrument at this price point. But when you plug it into an amp, it shines. This violin is well designed and well made. It has plenty of tone and the electronics are solid. Tone and volume control are useful of course and you can go from acoustic to electric playing without having to do anything except plugging it in. This violin includes: Violin case, violin bow, Rosin and Instrument cable.

march 14, 2002.
march 14, 2002.
i got a text from drummerboy dave yesterday asking if we had ever played with since by man. i thought that we did, but i wasn't positive. i looked at my batch of old flyers, and we indeed did play a show together. (on 03/14/02 we (dolorous canter) played a show with john brown battery, littleman complex, brazilia, and since by man at the fireside bowl in chicago.) it turned out that brad, the singer for 'since', is a commercial director now, and dave had worked with him on a few shoots. brad asked dave for a copy of the flyer after i confirmed that we did play a show together. i love it when paths cross! on a side note, it was during this show that we first played 'i need' live. after our set, ryan from littleman complex (and hewhocorrupts) looked at me kind of weird and told me that he really liked the 'halloween' song. we had played a couple of show with littleman complex prior to this show, but i had no idea what song he was talking about as we had no song with the word 'halloween'. it took me weeks to figure out that he actually meant 'i need'. after figuring it out, i was a bit amazed as i wrote 'i need' fairly quickly. the song was inspired by dave's old band corel and was the only song that i wrote all the lyrics for. it was also the only song that i did co-main vocals/screams on with nazzy naz. (i only did background vocals for some of our other songs.) on a side-side note, when we were getting ready to record 'i need', i bought a cheap electric violin for the quite part of the song. however, i couldn't get it to stay in tune no matter how much i tried, thus i didn't bother bring it to the studio and it was never used for the song.
Matrix Tuner Pickup
Matrix Tuner Pickup
Arthur amplifies his acoustic violin with the cheapest pickup out there, the Matrix tuner pickup.
cheap electric violin
Barcelona Beginner Series Electric Violin with Carrying Case and Accessories - White
Ideal for students, the Barcelona Beginner Series Electric Violin comes with everything you need to start playing immediately, including a carrying case, headphones, cable, bow, and rosin. The carrying case makes it easy to tote your violin to and from school or class, all the while keeping your instrument in mint condition. The headphones and cable are lightweight. The bow is made from Brazilwood with unbleached horsehair. Elegantly crafted yet value priced, the Barcelona brand instrument comes in an array of lively colors.