Let The Bodies Hit The Floor Disturbed

let the bodies hit the floor disturbed
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let the bodies hit the floor disturbed - Asylum
Disturbed began building 'Asylum' as soon as they got off the road in the summer of 2009. Officially entering Groovemaster Studios in February 2010, the band set about self-producing the album, as they did with 'Indestructible.' Draiman declares, 'This record shows a certain degree of maturation and enhanced complexity. 'Asylum' is still identifiably Disturbed, but the evolution is clear. It preserves the elements of what we do but at a more advanced level.'
Each CD includes a card to access exclusive download or stream of the documentary 'Decade of Disturbed' that recalls ten years of history in the most candid of ways. It takes you through years of countless tours, dedication and sacrifice stripping away all the gloss and letting the real story be told... the documentary is about the fans and their brotherhood that has been formed with the band.

Also Available as a Limited Edition CD+DVD:
-Expanded packaging in digi-pak with 16-page booklet
-CD: Standard album track listing plus 2 bonus live tracks 'Down With The Sickness' & 'Stricken'
-DVD: 'Decade Of Disturbed' (documentary) and Disturbed 'Dissected' (band showing/teaching fans to play tracks):
-Dan - Intro to the Asylum, Asylum, Another Way To Die, The Animal
-Dan/John - Stricken, Indestructible, Inside The Fire, The Night, Haunted

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Triana's Final Death
Triana's Final Death
[17:10] Triana Mills dipped a cold dead fingertip into the dirty water in the park's fountain, her eyes gazing like those of a doll's up at the moon. The road she'd travelled recently had been a long, trecherous, exhausting one. Now she'd returned to find that everything had been taken from her. Her home, her passion, even her own Childe had left her. Abandoned her. Cast her aside. She'd searched relentlessly for him this evening, to no avail. Perhaps for the better, for had she found him, she would've sent him to his grave along with any other traitorous swine he'd been dining with. Tugging her leg up to rest under her, she continued to stare breathlessly up, always up at that ever present light. [17:11] Makoce Metaluna: From deep in the darkest woods, a low rumble came that a sensitive being might feel reverberating beneath their feet. Following that a moment or two later, a bone-chilling howl erupted. Nearby ravens and wildlife skittered up, disturbed by whatever was moving through the pitch black. That sound signified only one thing to those familiar with it: the hunt had begun. [17:14] Triana Mills frowned, her body shifting immediately away from the fountain to where she stood at it's edge, her fierce green gaze attempting to penetrate the thick brush of the forest. The urge to hiss was fought back by a hate filled determination that she hadn't felt since her first almost-kill. Her fingertips itched at the straps holding her pistols in place as she backed slowly away from the thick trees. "God damned Park Rangers don't know how to keep their animals on a leash anymore." [17:18] Makoce Metaluna: The beast's dark fur cloaked its movements, but the sound of something whipping through the trees was unmistakable. It smelled something on the air -- definitely a presence nearby. But it didn't smell the same as the other prey. Luminous blue eyes glinted in the light, but the beast didn't stop moving long enough for that to be overtly noticed. A sensitive nose would definitely detect something like a wolf nearby, the beast's slighty different but still enough like its kin. It stopped moving to smell the air, mouth opened up wide. Then in a flash, it burst from the trees like a hell bound freight train towards Triana, gaping maw wide displaying those razor sharp canines within. [17:23] Triana Mills continued her slow steps backward, her eyes squinting in an attempt to make out anything in the shadows. 'Don't run.' The words of her mother played over and over in her head. 'Don't let them smell your fear.' Not that she was afraid of a wolf. Her train of thought came to a screeching halt, her eyes going wide when what she'd mistaken for a simple wolf burst through the trees, it's mouth open wide and ready to take any limb offered it. And so, she decided to offer it none. "Fucking Christ!" Leaping into the fountain, she allowed the instinctual and habitual act of gasping to intrude on her escape, throwing herself up and out of the otherside to put some concrete between herself and whatever the fuck this beast was. [17:28] Makoce Metaluna: The beast was as agile as any wolf would be on a hunt, eyes locked on its prey as she sees it move. Just as quickly, the beast slammed on the brakes in its forward movement and jerked to the left to circle the fountain the opposite way. As if to answer the woman's expletive, a deafening *roar* came as it bounded towards the woman. A massive arm pulled back, preparing to reach out and slash towards her once it got within range. Its nose was still working overtime -- the scent of this prey disturbing it. [17:31] Saigon Moonkill stalked its way through the brush and denser foliage of the thick woods, movements silent and creeping...spreading like a moonlit fog over the fragrant floor. Ears prick forward at the sound of a roar, the scent hitting her at the same moment. Alien. Food? Maybe. She bounds forward, all pretense of stealth shrugged off with the shake and tremble of sablings in her wake. [17:38] Triana Mills stumbled as her feet hit the ground, nearly falling over. Her eyes caught a second glimpse of the creature persuing her as she pushed herself back up. What was this thing? A fucking mutated wolf? It wasn't a question she had time to mull over as she thrust herself forward, sending her blood boiling through her veins as she threw her mind into running faster. A noticeable change in her footwork and speed as she hurtled toward the opening in the wall, moving at what could be estimated at around thirty five miles per hour. Her eyes having been on her footwork, and her mind concentrating on her speed, she hadn't noticed another beast join the hunt until she nearly slammed into it. Her heels dug into the dirt as she tried in vein to leap away from it, simply sending herself flying, and eventually smashing into and sliding along the grass. "FUCK!" [17:41] Makoce Metaluna: Now there was another scent, this time of another like itself
Disturbed on the main stage at the Download festival 2008 at Donington Park.

let the bodies hit the floor disturbed
let the bodies hit the floor disturbed
Lost Children
Multi-platinum hard rock band Disturbed releases its first ever B-sides collection, entitled The Lost Children, on Reprise Records. The set includes a previously unreleased track, "Mine," and "3," which was released exclusively on the band's website in April with all proceeds donated to the Damien Echols Defense Fund benefiting the West Memphis Three.

Other tracks on this B-side collection include "God of the Mind" and "A Welcome Burden," which appeared on the 2010 reissue of the band's 2000 debut album The Sickness; "Monster," "Two Worlds," and "Sickened," which were included as bonus tracks on the UK tour edition of Ten Thousand Fists; "Run," which was featured on a limited-edition version of 2008's Indestructible; and "Parasite," which appeared on the Japanese edition of Indestructible.

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